About Ai no Kusabi Otaku

Ai No Kusabi Otaku is a fan gallery and online fan guide/wiki and information archive to Rieko Yoshihara’s yaoi/shounen-ai Sci-Fi Romance Classic novel, Ai No Kusabi. Since it’s initial publication in 1986-87 as a 6-part serialized novel for June magazine, its popularity helped introduce Japan, and later the world, to a new literary and anime subgenre: yaoi, or Boys’ Love. With (to date):

4 editions of the novel in print [1 single volume of the original 6-chapters published in June magazine; 6-volume series (Crystal bunko ed.), and another 6 volume Japanese reissue with presumed added material],
1 prequel novel,
2 foreign translations (English and Polish),
Countless doujinshis,
5 audio dramas,
2 anime OVA adaptations,
6 music CDs,
And equally countless numbers of fan art and fan fiction stories

It’s clear that this single story touched many hearts the world over, and in the process tweaked many more nerves and fired/fueled the imaginations of legions fans …… and as I write this, this legion is growing by the day.

From its earliest inception, my original long-term goal for this site is to have all posted content compiled into a single volume and make it available as an exclusive release through iTunes/iBooks in order to take advantage of iBooks Enhanced e-book format. But for now, please enjoy this site and view it as an archival reference/resource. I’m making this site as complete as I can possibly (and comfortably) make it. And far more importantly…..please accept this as my personal gift for all my fellow Ai No Kusabi fans. As far as I’m concerned, this site is as much yours as it is mine because if it hadn’t been for the love of myself and all of you, I doubt this site would have come into being.

Also my voice should not be the only one here. So by all means:

-Please submit to me your questions about the story in general or about a particular thing in the story

-Submit to me your own thoughts, feelings about any topic within the Ai No Kusabi world. If you have a story of your own to share, or piece of art work, definitely I’d love to host it here giving you full credit. Submission guidelines will be outlined and presented soon. If you have an idea for the site, please share that with me as well. I’m always open to suggestions and if you suggestion is used you may get a shout-out for inspiring the post. Please comment and share as well.