About the Master Editor and Site Curator

For every museum collection or gallery presentation, someone is directly responsible behind the scenes who’s charged with the physical collecting and curating the material. Once all that is done, then what follows is the daunting task of organizing it all, considering places for each piece to go in the display. So that what results is a cohesive story line.  This is the tireless role of the curator. But there’s joy in it too.

I’ve always possessed an interest in film history for many years and I’ve found the discovering a story’s history to be just as fascinating as the story itself.  When a single story in particular became both a literary phenomenon as well as a visual one, you want to know how it happened. I’m probably writing things slightly out of sequence, by doing this introduction first before writing about my inspiration for this blog. I should state some things about myself at this point.

My “stage name” is Elspeth Chagall, taking my surname from one of my favorite French modern impressionist painters, Marc Chagall, by effect honoring him. I’m a Writer/Blogger, novelist-in-the-making, film buff and historian (by nurture), fujoshi (by nature), graphic artist, web administrator and photographer.  I was at one time a researcher (still I’m but more on a consultant basis). I’m a scholar of film and manga/anime as art forms. I’m also a great admirer of Japan and its culture and I’m studying Japanese currently. I won’t say that I’m fluent in the language just yet but I must humbly say that I’m still learning and have a very long way to go.  I’ve never grown up and I hope that no one on this earth makes me! I’m 50 years young, at the time of this writing. I’m kept young at heart by my insane love with anime and manga since the first time I saw Kimba the White Lion back in the mid-70’s. I’m not ashamed to also say that I have many fantasy anime boyfriends of which Riki and Iason have staring roles in many of my dreams.

Can you blame me?